There is a movement called Calligraffitti which I find mOsT inspirational. I ran across these phenomenal artists and thought I’d share their amazing work.

The Greek designer and artist Simon Silaidis works on huge scale, mostly on abandoned buildings but his brush work is absolutely exquisite.  As one who has been attempting to work with calligraphy in the traditional sense (thanks Skillshare ;) and has been an avid follower of the Street Art scene (nods to Banksy and King Robbo) for some time, this fairly new art movement is seriously blowing my mind. It combines my love of the two worlds into something marvelously fresh. Another interesting facet of Simon’s work is his integration of western, arabic and asian calligraphic styles (probably my top 3 languages for beauty I have to say).

Russia’s Pokras Lampas has some serious skills. Most known for his work Calligraphy on Girls which is quite….well, exciting to say the least. Although the feminist in me has a lot to say about the objectification of women, the artist in me is totally in love with the images. (If I can get my skills up to par and bust out some calligraphy on hot men as a counterpart then we’ll call it even *wink *wink). Anyway, apparently Pokras also holds workshops to teach his craft, here’s a short video I found of him posted below. Too bad I’m not in Russia man, that’s all I have to say. Also I have to wonder, how old is this guy? His baby face is an inspiration, that makes this soon to be old lady ask, ‘holy jeebus what am I doing with my life?!’  lol ;) Enjoy!

Pokras Lampas: Calligraphy on canvas from Fierce Frog Films on Vimeo.

Creative Constipation

This week I felt that I was constipated….creatively, I mean. I was agitated with no likely cause….all ideas I had kept getting stuck on the edge of my mind and literally I started to feel like a failure in all aspects of my life! (Ok, semi-dramatic I know, but this is plague a doubt that clouds every creative, I’m telling you!) Anyway, I decided to just stop thinking and making something – anything! I have this problem where I….how do you say….think TOO MUCH! I think SO much that I don’t accomplish anything creatively. It’s a really bad habit of mine that I am trying to shake. It’s a cross between taking myself way too seriously and being afraid to fail, somewhere in between all of that is paralysis. Mentally I’ve been free from this along time ago, however physically I’m still a little shaky. All that to say, tonight I busted out 14 letterpressed mini-notebooks which did not exist before, I sent out the emails I needed to and finally finished the pillow for my couch that’s been sitting on my desk for weeks! Take that creative constipation! My shit will flow freely if it’s the last thing I do! hahaha ;)

3 Color Letterpress cover

3 Color Letterpress cover

Another Day, Another Drop Shadow

Starting a new career, (well…. officially) has been awesome. I am still currently at a crossroads, however I have always loved this infographic and now I can verify it’s truth…well although my hours are different. LOL ;)

These guys have the screenprinting going ons, going on if you know what I mean

Hopefully I will get my hands on one of these fine prints the next time they go to print. <3


Grab the Reins And Fucking Do It- (my fav Jessica Hische)

There is little I can say about my hand-lettering/typographer/designer hero, Jessica Hische that would do her work justice. She is a designing bad ass and this talk was the highlight of my day. I’m currently going through her “Don’t Fear the Internet” series, which is changing my life. More on this later (and hopefully tweaks to this site as well!)

2012/06 Jessica Hische – Grab the reins and fucking do it. from CreativeMornings/Vancouver on Vimeo.

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